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UPVC Soffit Board Installation

UPVC Soffit Board

Whether you need to replace existing soffit boards or you want to give your home a clean look, our soffit boards are everything you are looking for. They are designed to protect the eaves in your home which is why we are confident that you will find the solution you are looking for right here.

UPVC Soffit Board

Soffit Board Range

Our soffit boards come in a range of colours including:


  • White

  • Anthracite

  • Black Ash

  • Golden Oak

  • Rosewood


With a variety of colours on offer, you can find the solution that fits with the look and finish of your home, enabling you to retain its appearance. We have a range of options available and this includes plain soffit board, hollow soffit board, vented soffit board and double vented soffit boards. 


Our soffit boards have been designed to offer exceptional durability as they are made using the latest materials. What this means is that once they are installed, you won’t have to worry about maintaining them. They won’t fade as they are UV resistant but they won’t peel, rot or warp either, ensuring they last for many years once they are installed. You can purchase them in a range of standard sizes that enable you to achieve the perfect fit and they are cost-effective too, enabling you to improve your home at a low cost.


All of our soffit boards come with a manufacturer’s guarantee which offers complete peace of mind and confidence in our products. They are lightweight and easy to handle while installation is quick and easy too, helping you to transform your home with ease. For a stylish and modern finish to your home, we are certain that our range of soffit boards will meet your needs while making it possible to keep your home dry and protected at the same time.

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