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Evolution Roof Canopies Installation

Evolution Roof Canopies

When it comes to getting more from your outdoor space, we believe that our Evolution Roof Canopy is all that you are looking for. Our gardens and outdoor spaces are exposed to the elements all year round which limits the time we can use them. Using an Evolution Roof Canopy, you can transform your home in the easiest possible way.

Evolution Roof Canopies

Evolution Roof Canopies Range

With this system, you can turn areas that are exposed to the elements into dry and accessible areas that can be used all year round.


We understand that your needs can vary and that is why we stock a wide choice of sizes as part of our range and this includes:


  • 2.5m width

  • 3m width

  • 3.5m width

  • 4m width

  • 4.5m width

  • 5m width

  • 5.5m width

  • 6m width

  • 7m width


Manufactured using polycarbonate, you can be sure that your canopy is designed to last. It has the ability to withstand the elements which means that it won’t suffer from damage when exposed to rain, moisture, wind and sun. Furthermore, it is UV stable and that ensures that it retains its colour year after year. It has multiple uses too, so you can use our canopy system as a carport, to cover a seating area, over a patio or to cover walkways, proving that it offers an exceptional level of durability.


As part of the range, you will also have a range of colours including White, Brown and Grey while there are several glazing options including Bronze, Clear and Opal.


You will find a range of roof pitch options including 5° to 20° and it has the water smart system which means that water is diverted away from your property. They are low maintenance, so there is no painting, sanding or the replacement of parts required. For a simple, yet usable solution that can transform your home, our Evolution Canopy System is all that you need.

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