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Composite Coastline Cladding Installation

Composite Coastline Cladding

Upgrading and improving the look of your property couldn’t be easier thanks to our composite coastline cladding solution.

Composite Coastline Cladding

Composite Coastline Cladding Range

This smart and modern product is designed to help you transform the look of your property, regardless of whether you are replacing existing cladding or installing it from new. It is stylish and modern, bringing your property into the modern world although you will find an array of modern and traditional colours within the range including:


  • Anthracite Grey

  • Moondust Grey

  • Oyster White

  • Pigeon Blue

  • Soft Green

  • Taupe


This range of colours allows you to get creative, giving you the scope to opt for something that adds character or something that simply blends in. The composite boards come in 5m lengths and have a width of 203mm while the superb woodgrain effect gives it an authentic look and finish. Our product meets all necessary standards and they are lightweight and easy to install while it is a product that can be recycled, making it better for the environment.


The cladding is manufactured using leading materials and with that comes a variety of benefits. You won’t have to worry about rotting and warping while there is no need to replace damaged boards, paint or sand after being exposed to the elements. They come UV stable as standard which ensures that they won’t fade while the manufacturer guarantee offers complete peace of mind knowing that your cladding will be protected for many years.


If you are looking to alter the appearance of your home, benefit from improved weatherproofing and insulation, then our cladding is everything you need. Simple to install and easy to work with, you can upgrade your property and help it to stand out in no time at all.

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