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Composite Fencing Installation

Composite Fencing

Fencing is an integral part of your home as it offers additional privacy while protecting your boundary and finishing off your external space in a smart and simple way. However, traditional wooden fencing comes with an array of problems which means that it needs repairs or upgrading every few years. With our composite fencing solutions, you can make wooden fencing a thing of the past because our solution is built to last.

Composite Fencing

Composite Fencing Range

Composite fencing is designed using special materials and with that comes a high level of durability. As a result, your'e fencing is certain to last for decades when compared with traditional fencing.


As part of our range of composite fencing, you can choose from a variety of colours and this includes:


  • Charcoal

  • Graphite

  • Walnut


We also provide a wide range of accessories that help you to install your fencing with ease such as:


  • Internal fence posts

  • Fence post caps

  • Top rails

  • Fence base plates


We offer a complete system that enables you to replace or upgrade existing fencing with ease. Composite fencing is easy to install and work with as the panels and accessories can be handled easily and trimmed without an issue. Furthermore, composite fencing is low maintenance, which means you won’t need to treat the panels, sand them, paint them or replace them as frequently, giving you more time to enjoy your garden. They are fire-resistant which improves safety and they are UV stable, so they won’t fade after being exposed to the elements. Composite fencing is also better for the environment as they are manufactured using recycled materials and can be recycled too. Transforming your garden and enhancing the look of your home couldn’t be easier because our composite fencing is a simple solution that can have a big impact.

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